Help for Individuals 

Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement (CAHP) / Coordinated Entry

The housing system can feel like a maze for individuals experiencing homelessness.  Trying to determine who to talk to, how to get there, and where to begin can seem confusing and overwhelming.  Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement for Single Individuals -- or Coordinated Entry -- establishes a system where housing placement isn't a matter of talking to the right case manager, at the right agency, at the right time.

Instead, Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement represents standardized access and assessment for all individuals, through a coordinated referral and housing placement process to ensure that people experiencing homelessness receive appropriate assistance with both immediate and long-term housing and service needs.  The entire Coordinated Entry process uses a "no wrong door" approach, while doing so through a standardized process from initial engagement to successful housing placement.

In a data-driven and evidence-informed manner, providers across the District of Columbia are establishing strategic partnerships to better serve our fellow community members experiencing homelessness.

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